About Us

Saxberg Design|Creative offers a new approach to the business of interior and creative design. In an effort to simplify the process for both clients and trades, we do as much as possible on a flat rate quote basis much like what you would receive from a contractor. The only thing that changes the quote is a change to the scope of work.

We can assist you with anything design related from just a few suggestions in a single consultation up to full scale home renovation planning and management… and as you will see, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty!

The Saxberg name has been a part of the Thunder Bay community for more than 100 years and Saxberg Design|Creative is proud to be part of the tradition of great Northern Ontario creative minds.

Designer Robyn Saxberg has experience in residential design, set design, visual merchandising, construction / renovation services, business, and project management and offers her clients the highest quality of service to the Thunder Bay area.