“Robyn contributes her skills with Habitat Hamilton as a designer, a build committee member, and as a build site crew leader.  She is a pleasure to work with, and successfully leads volunteers from all walks of life through the construction of our homes.  Robyn is an active participant in committee meetings, and has a keen eye to envision and evolve a space into something that is both functional and beautiful.  Thanks for all you do, Robyn!”



“Robyn has a marvellous eye for what works regardless of the space. She has helped us find furniture pieces and fixtures, select paint colours and essentially redesigned some old tired spaces into comfortable, contemporary ones that fit our lifestyle. Our kids are all grown and live elsewhere but it’s not unusual for everyone to descend on us at once so having spaces that can do double and triple duty are great. Robyn has been wonderful at coming up with creative solutions for some of our more challenging design problems. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.”